The Last Day & The Last Supper

The beginning of our last day in Milan, Italy was very rainy! We had to get a tour guide because in order to get a group in to see the Last Supper painting you have to book a tour through a certain Milan travel company.

So, our tour guide led us around Milan and through a Museum. She was very nice and a good tour guide, but having a tour guide and having to walk around wearing a headphone with her voice in it made me very thankful that we had Dr. Piperato & Professor Raynor to guide us around Italy and we did not have to have tour guides the whole time. But, having the tour guide was worth it because then we got to see the Last Supper!

I don’t know why, but I thought the Last Supper was little (like 5 ft tall or so). So when I walked in and saw that it took up a whole wall I was blown away! It is an incredible painting and it was very awesome seeing it in person. (They were very strict about no pictures, but I got a few sneaky ones).

Next we had free time until dinner! And it ended up clearing up and being a beautiful day PTL! So, for lunch we went to the same place we went to for dinner the night before because it was just so good. We brought some people who had not gone the night before and the workers remembered us and I think were very appreciative we brought them so much business! Next we went back to the hotel and turned in our last assignment and relaxed a bit before going back out to a few shops before dinner to try and spend my remaining euros.

Dinner was SO awesome. Definitely my favorite group dinner not just because the food was DELICIOUS (a ragu and then a yummy risotto for the main courses) but because it was filled with so much laughter and sharing of memories. Since it was our last night in Italy, we all shared our favorite moments from the trip and we also gave each other “superlatives.” It was an informal giving of superlatives so we just went around to each person and gave each other silly superlatives like “most likely to have to take a bathroom break” or “best facial expressions.” For mine I got:
-Best blogger
-Most contagious laugh
-Most likely to be friends with everyone
-Ray of sunshine
-Most surprising hiccups (for anyone that doesn’t know, I have had the hiccups for the last year and a half so everyone had to get used to them)
-Most likely to not realize the volume of my voice (sometimes I would get very excited and not realize how loud I was being)
-Best tan line (I have a gnarly Chaco tan line)
-Best reactions
-Most likely to find a delicious hole in the wall place to eat (my friend Brian and I would always find the best random places to eat and bring people to them)

Getting superlatives was so encouraging and it was very cool to know that people enjoyed my laugh and hiccups and all of the weird things about me.

After dinner we took LOTS of pictures and stood outside our hotel for a while because going in meant that we had to pack and that meant that we were leaving. We finally all went in and packed and after packing a few people came in me and Nikki’s room and watched Friends. (Our plan was to stay up late so that we could sleep on the plane the next day)

I ended up getting about 4 or so hours of sleep before leaving our hotel at 6 to go to the airport. Dr. Piperato & Professor Raynor had different travel plans so we parted ways after checking our luggage in. I am so thankful for them and their willingness to lead a group of 18 students through Italy! They are awesome people and I’m really glad I got to share all these awesome experiences with them.

I slept about 6 of the 8.5 hours on the plane so our plan of staying up late was successful. I am not feeling the jet lag yet but I can imagine that it will hit me tomorrow.

Now I am sitting in the JFK airport in New York it is weird but awesome being back in America. The Grand Tour was such an incredible trip and I am so thankful I was able to go on it!

I am going to post later with my favorite pictures and memories, but for now, ciao!










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