Day Trip to Turin

Turin was a beautiful city and I really enjoyed our time there! We went up this huge tower (it was the highest museum in Europe!) and had an AWEMAZING (awesome+amazing) view of the Alps. It was really hot up on the tower, and it was so bizarre to think that miles away there were snowy mountains. Luckily there was an elevator so we did not have to walk up and down a ton of stairs!

We had free time the rest of the day so during our free time me and a few people went and got some yummy paninis and walked around Turin. There were lots of stands people had set up with homemade items so it was very cool to see all the items and explore the city before heading back to Milan.

The bus ride ended up being about 3 hours and when we got back to Milan I was so hungry because it was about 8:00! So, me and a few friends went out and got dinner right away. We got sandwiches even though I already had a panini that day. It was so good and hanging out with friends was a great end to the day!





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