From Venice to Milan

The past two days have been fairly relaxed! It has been great to be able to explore these cities on our own, get lost, find our way back, and discover yummy restaurants while at it.

On our last day in Venice (2 days ago) we went to The Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari church. It was awesome! I always love seeing the different architecture and artwork in churches and comparing & contrasting ones we have seen on this trip.

After seeing the church we had free time until dinner. With the free time a group of us walked around some some shops (I got a new dress I am very excited about), and got lunch and I got some canolis– I had been CRAVING one for a few days. Then we went back to the hotel and we worked on our drawing assignments, and I also read for a bit.

For dinner we went back to Bentigodi, the place we went for dinner the first night in Venice, with the chef Domenico. It was sooo delicious! I had straight up octopus…tentacles and all! And for our main course we had a yummy crab and lobster pasta. I always love group dinners because it is a great opportunity to build community in the group and hang out with everyone.

After dinner we went out for gelato (I originally said I wasn’t going to get any and then we showed up at the gelateria and of course I ended up getting some). After gelato I was SO FULL! We all went back to the hotel and hung out and took advantage of the wifi and I got to FaceTime my boyfriend Matt! Technology is so awesome- the fact that I could be halfway across the world but still be able to communicate with people from home is so cool. This trip has been SO incredible, but I have definitely missed my family mainly because I know they would love all that we have been doing.

Yesterday was our first day in Milan! The feel here is a lot like Rome– there is more hustle and bustle than the smaller cities like Florence & Siena…it has a New York-ish type feel. We arrived around 4 and then relaxed until exploring and finding a place for dinner around 6. While exploring we saw the remnants of a riot! Police were around a group, but we had missed all the action. We then grabbed dinner and gelato (I’ve gotta take advantage of every opportunity to get gelato, especially now that we only have a day left!). The gelato I got was dark chocolate and milk. The dark chocolate was SO dark! Next door there was a McDonalds and that was very different than the ones in the United States– there were limos pulling up and people standing outside in suits! You could only get in with a ticket, it was a very odd sight to see for us Americans…we are used to going to the McDonalds drive thru, not a fancy shindig.

Today we are taking a day trip to Turin! (Try saying that 5 times fast). And tomorrow is our LAST DAY! Wow, I cannot believe it!


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