I Heart Venice

Yesterday and today were awesome days in Venice!! The past few days have been quite busy, so sorry about the combined blog days.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Padua, which was about a 30 minute train ride. It was raining the beginning of the day, but luckily I was prepared with a rain jacket AND an umbrella; these are items I am very thankful I packed, it has rained a bunch! In Padua we went to the Scrovegni chapel and before going in we had to get dehumidified! I didn’t really feel any different, but apparently I came out less humidified than before.

The church was beautiful! It had paintings about the life of Jesus done by Giotto. There was so much emotion in the pieces, and the colors were very vibrant. Like always, Dr. Piperato did an awesome job of walking us through all the paintings- it is funny to look around and see people not with our group join in and listening to her. After looking at the paintings we walked to the Church of St. Anthony. This was one of my favorite experiences thus far. There was mass going on, and it was so incredible to hear mass in a different language, and not understand what they were saying, but know that they were worshipping the same God I do when I go to church. PTL! (Praise The Lord)

Next we went to lunch and then we headed back to Venice. When we got back we had a short break and then went to San Marco. We went on a taxi boat, and the ride was awesome. In Venice they don’t drive cars, they all just have boats…it was a weird experience because it was just like taxis everywhere else, but we were on the water.

In San Marco we walked around side streets and found a place to eat dinner. I got some seafood gnocchi! (I have been trying to have lots of seafood here since Venice is so well known for its seafood). And then after dinner we went back to the hotel and hung out before bed.

Today was an incredible day!! We grabbed breakfast and then met with Stacy, a local artist who is good friends with Professor Raynor. We went to her house and she spoke to us about her life, and her art, and she is so legit! (Side note: her husband is Domenico, the owner of the restaurant we went to on the first night here). Stacy walked us around Venice and then we had an assignment where we got to pick something and we could draw or write about it. This trip has reignited my love for doodling letters and graphic design type art, so I found a sign and replicated some of the letters; I liked that we had a lot of freedom with this assignment.

After drawing for a bit, we all went out to lunch and I got a delicious pizza. THEN, after lunch, WE WENT ON A GONDOLA RIDE!! We piled in 4 gondolas and rode around Venice and it was definitely a trip highlight. I cannot believe it! I actually rode on a gondola in Venice…how cool is that?! The gondoliers even sang and wore the cool hats and striped t-shirts, just like in the movies.

We went back to the hotel after the gondola ride and I napped! Like for a really long time…apparently I was tired! Basically until dinner I rested and it was wonderful. I have only napped 1 or 2 times since being in Italy, and this trip has been jam-packed busyness, so it was very nice to catch up on rest.

After my rest, a group of us went out to dinner. I wouldn’t say that we got hopelessly lost, but we definitely were very turned around. We wanted to go to a place a few people had been the night before and had said was really good. It was difficult to find it again, but we ended up finding it and the dinner was great, so it was well worth the delay.

I have really loved the city of Venice! It is so beautiful, and I am thankful that the weather held out today and it did not rain. We have one more day here tomorrow, and then we are on to Milan! I am not really sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am sure it will be awesome no matter what we do.


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