First Day in Venice

Yesterday we arrived in Venice! It was about a 5 hour bus, but we stopped in Ravenna on the way to break up the ride.

In Ravenna we got lunch, and it was so good! Back in Rome we got these sandwiches that were a mix between a quesadilla and a sandwich called a piadini. Well, Ravenna is the home of those tasty things, so of course we all got one for lunch. I knew the one I ordered had some type of salami and some type of cheese but I didn’t know exactly what to expect, and I ended up being very pleasantly surprised. Then, Ravenna is very well known for their mosaics, so we went and saw some and they are incredible! I cannot imagine how long it would have taken to put them together, and I think there are probably millions of pieces. I was very impressed! After the stop in Ravenna we were back on the road to Venice!

After arriving we took about a 5 minute train ride to Venice and right after walking out of the train station I was amazed. There is a river of water in between streets and it is awesome. We paraded around town walking to our hotel (I say parade because we all had our luggages and were walking single file and when the Americans arrive or leave town it is always quite a scene).

After we checked in we went out to dinner! Venice is known for its seafood and so our dinner was filled with a few adventurous items. I did not know what all the items were, but still tried, and really loved, everything. The appetizer had octopus salad (some people did not have theirs, so I ended up having 3 helpings), bruschetta, and a big shrimp/crawfish looking thing. Before dinner the chef Domenico brought out a HUGE fish and showed us what he would be cooking for us. So the main course was very fresh and of course delicious.

After dinner we walked around a bit to begin to get our bearings, but Professor Raynor said it is very likely that we will still get hopelessly lost.

It was a great first day in Venice and I can’t wait to explore the city more!




2 thoughts on “First Day in Venice

  1. Venice is awesome and my favorite place in the world. Nani and I spent five days there and saw some of the most beautiful art. Be sure to visit the Piazza San Marco at night and listen to the music as you sip a cup of espresso. Love Popsy

  2. Venice sounds magical and I hope you have a wonderful time there, but not get too hopelessly lost. I hope you are taking pictures of all the amazing things you are eating and seeing. I love you and look forward to seeing you in one week!

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