Siena & San Gimignano

Yesterday we woke up and went to this little town about an hour away from Siena known as San Gimingano.

In San Gimingano we went to museum and sketched in a church and then went to lunch. We also had some free time to explore the town and since it was so small I feel like I actually got to see most of it. It was raining for most of the time that we were there so we didn’t get to explore as much as planned, but it was still a really fun day trip and I enjoyed the little town!

On the way home we stopped in a VERY little town called Monteriggioni, and it is about 30 minutes from Siena. It is a very little town, and when I say very little I mean that their total population is 42 people. We took some pictures of the awesome view and got some gelato and that was basically all there was to do! So, we went back to Siena and had the rest of the day off. My roommate Nikki unfortunately hurt her knee yesterday and was confined to her bed so we took the rest of the day and relaxed in our room and talked, and then me and Professor Raynor went out and got dinner and brought it back to the room, and then later a few people came over and we watched Friends and it ended up being a great night!

Today we had the morning off so it was wonderful to sleep in a bit! I got ready and then went out and sketched a bit and got lunch with a friend Brian and then brought lunch back to the room for Nikki.

At 2:00 we met at the Piazza Del Campo and went to an awesome museum and then the Duomo. It was a beautiful day at 2:00 and then by the time we were done at the first museum it was a torrential downpour and of course I did not have my rain jacket or my umbrella. It could have been worse, but I did get pretty soaked! And thank goodness for some kind friends who let me stand under their umbrellas (ellas, ellas, ellas, eh eh eh).

After the Duomo we went to the Lupa Contrada and were granted access to the oratory because Dr. Piperato is a member of Lupa (you are not allowed in unless you know someone, so it was very special). It was so awesome to hear about all of the traditions that take place within the contrada and being able to see inside their meeting place.

We had the rest of the night off and so a group of us went out to dinner and gelato and then came back and watched some episodes of Friends and then packed.

It was an awesome few days in Siena and I really enjoyed this town. Some of my favorite memories from this trip will come from Siena! Next we are on to Venice with a stop in Ravenna on the way!

Also, I decided on the Oca contrada for my personal contrada. It’s nothing official, I just wanted to pick one. The Oca are the goose and I like to consider myself a silly goose so I figured it was fitting. Go Oca!







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