Last Day in Florence Y’all

Today we woke up and were off to the Uffici! Even though I am not exactly a morning person, it has been great getting places early and beating the long lines. The museum was amazing, we saw some really cool pieces!

After that, Professor Raynor led my group around to a few places in Florence near where we were. First we went to this cute little bakery and I got my first cannoli since being in Italy! It was yumtastic! Then we walked some more and got gelato! (When in Florence, right?) Next we walked around some shops and sat and then for lunch a little later we went to this awesome cheap and delicious place called Fratellini. Their paninis were only 2.50 euros and they were so great! I got a goat cheese, salami, and fennel one and mmmm was it good! Then we were off to meet the rest of the group!

Next we went to the Borgello and had a drawing assignment. We had to pick a sculpture and draw it for atleast 1 hour. I ended up drawing for about 2 hours and boy does that wear you out! Everyone was pretty worn out from the museums and drawing so we went back to the hotel and some people napped. I attempted to upload pictures to Facebook but wifi here is just not as speedy as in the US and it never ended up working. I was glad to get to sit and relax for a bit at the hotel though.

We had an informal group dinner tonight at a delicious restaurant that I cannot remember the name of, but the pizza was great and that’s what truly matters. I splurged and got tiramisu for dessert and it was definitely worth the splurge. After dinner we went out for gelato but I passed because I had already had gelato, a cannoli, and tiramisu today so 4 desserts may have been overdoing it a little.

It was a great last day in Florence and I am excited to go to a new city tomorrow and see all that it has to offer.


One thought on “Last Day in Florence Y’all

  1. I bet you’re walking off the desserts. It sounds like you’re getting to see everything. I just wish I were able to experience it with you!

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