Fun, Food, and Friends in Florence

Today was a real good day! We woke up and got breakfast and then went straight to a mini bus to get to Pisa. (Usually we have had big buses which is great because then each person gets their own seat and you can spread out. The mini bus was nice and cozy though!)

Once we got to Pisa and I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person I realized how much it really is leaning! It’s crazy! We of course got lots of typical tourist pics where you make it seem like you’re holding up the tower, or that you are pushing it over. (I got all of them on my camera, but I got one good one of my Chaco pushing it over so I’ll post it at the end).

After Pisa, the mini bus drove us to Lucca, a town about 45 minutes away from Pisa. Lucca is a very small, cute town! We were given 3 hours of free time to go work on our assignment, eat lunch, and explore the city, and it was wonderful. The weather was good and exploring the town and walking around was very fun. Oh for lunch I got pizza and I ate the whole thing. Maybe not the best decision since I couldn’t enter into a usual post big meal food coma, but it was delicious and I didn’t want to leave any on my plate.

When we got back to the hotel after Lucca we all began finishing up our assignments. (They’re due tomorrow so it’s crunch time!) And I was still kind of full from lunch but pretty soon it was time for dinner. There was a group going back to Za Za’s but I thought 3 times at 1 restaurant may be a little excessive. So, me, Taylor, and Leah walked around a bit and found this adorable restaurant called Vecchio Mercato. The waiter was this typical old big Italian man and he was so friendly. For dinner I got some yummy spaghetti with a little bit of spice. Mmm! Basically this was one of my favorite meals, and a memory I will always love to look back on. We had such fun, great conversation, laughed a ton, and had delicious food. Yay for friends and food in Florence!

Tomorrow we get an entire day off and I am so excited to sleep in a bit. I am still going to set an alarm because I do not want to sleep the day away, but it will be nice to catch up on rest before going going going again!




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