Day Due in Firenze

Today has been a relaxed, but also busy day. We started off the day with breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the Galleria dell’ Accademia.

At the Accademia we got to see one of my favorite things yet, the David. Dr. Piperato & Professor Raynor told us we weren’t prepared to see it and I didn’t fully know why they said this until I saw him for the first time. He is HUGE! And so detailed, and so realistic, and SO incredible. I tried to imagine Michelangelo sculpting him and I couldn’t even wrap my head around it. Our assignment for the day was to sketch part of the David, and I got frustrated just trying to draw his hands! So I cannot imagine working on an entire body with so much intricacy. Michelangelo rocks!
(I’ve been pretty rebellious on this trip– they told us we could not take pictures, but I managed to snap a few pics).

After the Accademia we went to the Cappelle Medici (the Medici Chapel). This is an entire chapel dedicated to the Medici family, an extremely wealthy and historically prominent family back in the day. It is crazy how much detail went into this building! I feel like I have said this many times, but I basically just walked around in awe.

Then, we had the rest of the day to ourselves to explore Florence. First we went to this AWESOME marketplace filled with fresh cheeses and wines and meats and pastas, etc. Fresh everything! Walking around food made us all very hungry so we found this DELICIOUS place to eat called Za Za’s. It was reasonably priced and sooo good. I got gnocchi with a Gorgonzola cream sauce! Yum!

After lunch we walked around shops for a few hours. There were so many places, that we wanted to compare prices and find out which one was the best. And that was worth it because I got a few good deals! (At one point I was walking next to my friend Brian and a salesperson yelled “Oh honeymoon special for you two!” at us. They will say anything to try to make a sale! We just walked quickly away, nodding our heads no and laughing at the situation).

After shopping we went back to the hotel and hung out until dinner time. I worked on getting pictures onto my computer which was just oh so exciting. Then, for dinner, we went back to Za Za’s! We knew the food was great there so thought “why not?!” I got seafood risotto and once again Za Za’s hit the spot. So good.

I am glad that we had so much free time today. It was a cool opportunity to see what a Saturday in Florence is like; tomorrow we are going to Pisa and Lucca!






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