Florence Y’all!

This morning we got to sleep in! Well, not really, we got to go to breakfast at 7:45, but for how early we have been waking up this felt like sleeping in. AND I got to have a delicious Nutella croissant to start the day off, so no complaints from me! We had to have all of our bags packed by 8:30 so we could get a good start on the day.

First thing we did was go to the Saint Maria Della Vittoria Church. It was BEAUTIFUL! It is amazing how much detail there was. I felt like I could sit in there for hours and gawk at all of the intricacy.

Next we split up into a few groups. The group I chose to go in was led by Professor Raynor and our first stop was the Il Convento Dei Cappuccini. What we really wanted to see was what is in the basement of the museum. There is an exhibit of bone art! They used to take the bones of monks that died and create these creepy exhibits made of vertebrates and skulls and hip bones, and every other bone in the body. Wow was it creepy! Professor Raynor asked if we would be willing to sleep in that room if someone paid us and I honestly don’t know if I would be able to. (They told us we were not allowed to take pictures and were very strict about it, but I was sneaky and got a few, so they will be at the bottom of this post).

After seeing the bones we had a very relaxing day. We went to this fun Japanese store called Mitsukoshi. They had a lot of Hello Kitty items and goofy things like headbands with sponge cupcakes on them. It was a cool store to go in!

After Mitsukoshi we went to a little caffe and I had some coffee and some people had lunch (I ate the whole Nutella croissant so I wasn’t hungry yet). After lunch it was time to meet back at the hotel and head to Florence!

I had heard from a few people that the bus ride was going to be 2 hours long. So, I planned to stay awake and read for the 1st hour and maybe rest the 2nd. One hour went by and I was starting to feel tired so I laid down across my seat and was out within a few minutes. THREE HOURS LATER I woke up as we were about to pull in to Florence! Apparently the drive was actually about 4 hours and I was misinformed. I am a champ at sleeping on buses. It’s a gift.

It was raining in Florence tonight but I can already tell I am going to love it here. It seems less crowded than Rome was, and it is not as big so I’ll be able to get more acquainted with the city faster.

For dinner we went to Osteria Pepo. The appetizers were definitely my favorite part! We got bruschetta, pâté (a liver spread), bread ball things, salami, and prosciutto. It was all SO good. For our first course we had some awesome soups, and for the next course they brought out tripe. If you didn’t know what tripe is, it is SHEEP STOMACH. Oh my goodness y’all I thought it was calamari from the look of it! I tried it, but let’s just say I will not ever be having it again. They also brought out some beef and chicken and it was very good. Even though I did not enjoy the tripe, it was quite the dinner experience and I’m glad I tried it!

After dinner, Professor Raynor led us around the city so we could start to get our bearings. He took us to his #1 favorite gelato place but it was closed so we went to his #3 favorite instead. I placed my whole order in Italian! Pretty proud of myself for that one. And after that we headed back to the hotel!

I am very excited to see more of Florence tomorrow!


(The title of my blog is in reference to a water tower located in Florence, KY that says Florence Y’all. It used to say Florence Mall, but they got in trouble for advertising the mall on the water tower so they changed it to Florence Y’all). 20130511-010012.jpg







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