Oh Hey, Day in Pompei

The day started off even earlier than yesterday because we had to leave our hotel by 7:00 and did not get breakfast to-go bags. But, with a 3ish hour bus ride ahead, my motivation for the morning was getting to go back to sleep. And go back to sleep I did! I fell asleep when we pulled out of Rome and woke up as we pulled into Pompei. It was glorious.

We got off the bus and took a restroom break and it was so crazy because you had to pay .50 euro just to go potty! There was a woman standing inside who would take your money and as we were leaving I said “Grazie, buona giornata! (Thank you, have a good day!)” and (in Italian) she said my Italian was beautiful and I was pretty as a flower! So that definitely gave me a little confidence boost for the day.

It was incredible seeing the ruins of Pompei and hearing about what the town was once like. Apparently there were 130 bars and 30 brothels in the city of Pompei alone, so this town was hoppin! Side note- as we were sitting doing a drawing assignment a guy came up to me and said “Go Hoosiers!” (I was wearing the Indiana Univeristy shirt Matt gave me for my birthday). So that was pretty righteous, finding a connection halfway across the world! The rest of the time in Pompei was great…we walked around and explored the ruins, and worked on drawings, and before I knew it it was time to go back to Rome! And once again as we pulled out of Pompei I fell asleep, and didn’t wake up till we pulled back into Rome…apparently I was a little tired.

When we got back I took a quick shower and we all got ready for dinner. We split up into a few groups and my group went out for pizza! It was of course very yummy. There was unfortunately a little mix up with ordering because the waitress was new, so we had to wait a long time for our food to come, but the wait was well worth it! After dinner we took the metro to the Colosseum to see it lit up at night and it was beautiful! We also wanted to see the Forum at night but got a little lost an didn’t end up seeing it. It seems like getting lost in Rome would have made me panic, but it was such a gorgeous night out and there was a group of 12 of us and we had a map, so I wasn’t too worried. We found our way and ended up getting to see the “Birthday Cake” and Trajan Column we had seen during the day a couple days ago.

Throughout the whole time of going to the Colosseum and looking for the Forum we were on a mission for gelato. It doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult, but since it was so late many of the places were closed. I was really craving it and PTL (Praise the Lord) that the gelato shop across the street was still open. I finished the night off with some lemon gelato and sat on the porch of our hotel with all my new friends here with me on this Grand Tour, and was very content.

Tomorrow we pack our bags and move to Florence! I am excited to see all that a new city has to offer!






One thought on “Oh Hey, Day in Pompei

  1. Nani and I really, really loved the gelato too. We became addicted and ate it every day. You are bringing back a lot of memories for us. My favorite has always been Venice. Love Popsy

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