Vatican, Trevi, and Pantheon, OH MY!

Today we started off the day nice and early so we could get to the Vatican by 8. The hotel gave us little breakfast bags to-go, so we all ate while walking on our way over to the metro.

We got to the Vatican and I felt like a celebrity because we had an appointment and got to bypass all the lines other people were waiting in. When we arrived Dr. Pip and Professor Raynor introduced us to our assignment for the day: a scavenger hunt! Not a crazy scavenger hunt where you run around asking people to take ridiculous photos with you, but we were to take 5 creative photos of sculpture/architecture, and find and take pictures of 5 saints we discussed throughout the semester. (Our assignment is also to post them on this blog, so they will be in another blog post). Then we got some coffee at a caffe and were on our way!

The Vatican was incredible. I walked around in awe of all of the sculptures and paintings. Especially the Sistine Chapel! Wow. Y’all. Michelangelo knows what’s up! Everything looked SO realistic; it looked like there were literally tapestries hanging on the walls and people about to fall from the ceiling. You are not allowed to take pictures, but I snuck a few! (I know, I’m a rebel. Shhh don’t tell on me).

After going through the Vatican we grabbed lunch at a small pizza place in the city, and it was very good! After lunch a group of us went to St. Peter’s Basilica and it was incredible. I have decided that incredible is just my word for this trip. It doesn’t come close to accurately describing how awesome everything is, but it’s as close as I feel I can get.

After getting up early and all the walking from the day, everyone was exhausted. We literally all came back and crashed on our beds. It was a wonderful nap, I think because of how tired I was. I slept for about an hour and then we were back at it again!

The next stop for the day was the Trevi Fountain. This was a sight I was excited to see 1) because of how beautiful it is and 2) because of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I have always wanted to throw a coin in just like Hillary Duff did in the movie. Seeing it in person exceeded my expectations! I threw 3 coins in because we of course had to take “throwing coin in Trevi Fountain” pictures and I didn’t want to pretend. Throwing a coin in “ensures your return to Rome” so that’s cool, and I made wishes as well. We’ll see if they come true!

After the Trevi Fountain we saw the Pantheon and that was incredible (gotta use my word). It is so crazy standing in these major historical places throughout Rome and thinking about how many people have been there, and how many huge historical figures stood in the same place as well, just many many years ago.

It is no surprise that dinner tonight was awesome. We had a 3 course meal: pasta, then veil and potatoes, and then tiramisu. It was molto bene!

It has just been 3 days in Italy but it has felt like way longer. I am sooo exhausted but loving every minute of being here. My feet are not too happy with me, but they’ll get over it; plus I am getting to work on my Chaco tan, so that’s always great.

Tomorrow we are going to Pompeii! Wahoo!!

PS- yesterday I had a conversation in Italian with a legit Italian! It went a little something like this:
Me: Ciao
Man: Ciao Bella! Come stai?
Me: Oh bene, e tu?
Man: Molto bene, grazie!
…and that was it. You gotta start somewhere!





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