Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: Roma Giorno Due

You know the day is going to be a great day when it starts out with a chocolate croissant oozing with Nutella. And that’s how my day began!

After eating breakfast at the hotel we Metro-ed our way on over to the Colosseum, and if it would have been socially acceptable to walk around with my jaw gaping open the entire time I would have. It was incredible. Touching the walls, and seeing this monument in person that I have only seen in pictures was unreal. It is so crazy to think about how much history took place there. The Colosseum has been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. I feel like words cannot accurately describe my experience; being at the Colosseum was something I will definitely never forget.

After the Colosseum we met up with an artist Kelly Medford. She is from the United States but moved to Rome and makes her living selling paintings. She gave us a brief lesson and then we worked on sketches. While working on sketches it started raining! So, we had to sketch in the rain…never thought I would be doing that. At one point I was resting my sketchbook on my bag, drawing with my right hand, and holding my umbrella with my left. Talk about multi tasking! After drawing outside for a bit we ended up going to San Pietro in Vincoli, a beautiful church, and drawing for about an hour.

Next for lunch I went to my first Piadineria! It had these yummy “piades” which are basically a combination of a sandwich and a quesadilla. If you really knew me you would know that I LOVE salami, so I got a salame, squacquerone (wanted to be adventurous: this is a very good, gooey cheese), and rucola piade and it was awesome.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and sat for 30 minutes before going out again. (I guess I should note here that before going back to the hotel I had gelato again. Gelato a day keeps the doctor away, right?) We went to a few shops close by the hotel and then decided to venture down Via Firenze (Florence St.). Little did we know that if you walk all the way down Firenze you will come upon the Trojan Column, the Forum, and the “Wedding Cake” (an INCREDIBLE building made in memory of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of unified Italy). We were blown away by so many amazing buildings around us and so excited that our stroll led us to such sights. What an awesome adventure it turned out to be! We walked around in awe and explored for hours.

After about an hour back at the hotel, next up on the list was dinner at Da Danillo. We had a 4 course meal. An appetizer consisting of many items that will be pictured below, but I cannot recall all of the names, TWO pasta dishes, and dessert. I AM SO FULL! Me and some girls had to conspicuously unbutton our pants halfway through the meal. Dr. Pip called eating “necessary fuel” for the Vatican tomorrow. So excited for another great day in Rome!

PS- Something I learned today: not only do you have to watch out for speeding cars and mopeds, you also need to avoid horses! (From personal experience: I had a close encounter where a horse almost ran me over).

Also, I have gone a little camera crazy… I’m basically that typical tourist taking pictures of everything (I’ve taken 500 photos in the past 2 days)! So, after sorting through them I will post them on my Facebook page.




One thought on “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: Roma Giorno Due

  1. What an amazing day you had! Aubrey, Mimi, and I went to Ghyslain today because if you get gelato, we do too! But then, we decided on a flourless chocolate torte instead which was very chocolatey and delicious. We miss you and are enjoying seeing the journey through your eyes. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I love you!

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